Vertical radiators – a new word in home design.

For most of the users, the radiators perform strictly utility use, being used simply because they don’t want to get cold when it’s time for winter. While this approach is fair, for other users the radiators turn out to be something more. This something more actually has to do with nothing but design. So to put it precisely, some of the users will be looking to spend more just to get the good design on these radiators.

When it comes to design though, you will easily find several thousand radiators just by means of browsing through online shops. Because of its astonishing variety in terms of design, it is difficult to make sense without trying to categorize them accordingly. First of all you could distinguish them by the material they are made of.

Iron radiators will be typical coated with a solid pain to prevent them from rusting. On the inside they will have a layer of zinc to prevent from corrosion with water. You would unlikely be able to see what’s inside though so the only way to determine is to look at the paint. Iron radiators could be considered the cheapest, and yet they would often be less durable and overall cumbersome or heavy. As the cheapest variation and also looking somewhat awkward, they are often being placed where nobody actually sees them; for example beside a table or behind the bed.

Stainless radiators are also commonly used though expectedly they would cost much more. The high-end class of radiators is made with chrome coating, proving cool looks though costing higher than any other materials. The less common is aluminum type of radiators, their only advantage that they could be a bit more compact, lightweight and more efficient, because aluminum is also a good conductor of heat. However this advantage is not that significant compared to its different look from a design perspective.

Finally we can get to the placement of radiators, which could either be horizontal or vertical. Although the horizontal would be the most intuitive solution due to its higher efficiency, the vertical radiators are getting used more and more. The only reason of placing it vertically is hungriness towards the unusual and fancy design. So if you want make it look new and unusual, the vertical radiators have been made for you. Check this website for vertical radiators collection.